Jackall Squad Minnow 128 SP – You can still get it here!

Read on, if you're looking to get your hands on the Jackall Squad Minnow 128 SP.

Our website is just a small window into the stock we carry in our physical store. (It looks more like a mini Walmart… but for everything outdoors!) One of the ways we decide what gets listed online is through requests from people like you, using our Product Request Form.


One of the most requested brands through our website has been Jackall.

We've always carried many of their products in-store but that doesn't help those of you that live a bit too far for a Sunday drive.


We're making Jackall available online.

But not just any Jackall bait. We're starting with the infamous Jackall Squad Minnow 128 SP.

Jackall Squad Minnow 128 SP

You see, ever since Cliff Pace took home the victory at the Bassmaster Classic way back in 2013, beating out the world's best bass anglers, relying on this bait (and others from Jackall's lineup), the Squad Minnow has been in crazy high demand. Yet for reasons unbeknownst to us (because it has become one of our own “secret weapons”) the 128 SP variant has sadly been discontinued.

So what did we do?

We bought ALL REMAINING INVENTORY and there's no more being produced at the factory.

If you know this bait, you know just how effective it is at attracting those elusive bass, walleye, pike and other game fish… and now it's already proving to be elusive to would-be anglers who want to get their hands on 'em – most places are out of stock.

(You may have noticed they're kind of hard to find… now you know why 😉 )

But now you also know where to get them – – and finally, you can order online!

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If you don't know about this bait…

…here's a quick overview video of the Squad Minnow lineup:

Get yours before they're gone forever!