Danny the Duck Winners Announced!

Earlier this fall we thought it would be fun to celebrate the launch of Westin's Danny the Duck lure with a giveaway.

We thought it would be more fun to give Danny the Duck to not just one, but FIVE of you. It seems you thought that was fun too!

Then, we thought it would be the most fun to let all five of you Danny the Duck winners choose which colour you wanted!

If you recall the contest entry form, we were showing the three colours we knew we could get our hands on: Brown Duckling, Mandarin Duck and Firetiger.

Danny the Duck Giveaway - North Bay Outfitters

Side Note:

An un-official, non-statistically significant Facebook poll showed that the majority of you like the looks of the Brown Duckling the best.

But now we have a little wrench to throw in the mix. While the contest was going on, we were working behind the scenes to secure some of the “Yellow Duckling” colour. Yes, the one that looks like a rubber ducky; also the one that Westin was showing off the most early on and using a good chunk of the time during their testing.

Here's a bit of trivia for you: originally this colour was slated to be called “Realistic Yellow”.

So in the end, our winners got to choose from all four colours, provided they were willing to wait a bit longer for the Yellow Duckling option to arrive.

Well arrive it has!

Westin Danny the Duck - Yellow Duckling - Angled

Westin Danny the Duck – Yellow Duckling colour is now in stock.

Tardy, we are.

You might have noticed that the contest ended a little while back. So why are we just now getting to the announcement?

Aside from Westin's supply shortages that prompted us to extend the giveaway (and let more of you enter), there was another delay.

As it turns out, one of the winners didn't bother getting back to us when we reached out to congratulate him and ask for a shipping address. We wanted to give the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was on holidays or away for work. So we waited, and waited. Finally, we sent one last reminder and waited some more. Nothing. So we picked another name. New winner #5 replied same-day! 🙂

Announcing the Danny the Duck Winners:

What you're really here for is to see who won, so let's get on with it shall we?

Winner #1

Jordan R from Georgetown, ON, Canada
Jordan chose Danny the Duck in the Firetiger colour. He also sent along the following pic:

Danny the Duck Winner - Jordan Romanelli - North Bay Outfitters

Thanks Jordan!

Winner #2

John O from North Bay, ON, Canada
John chose Danny the Duck in Firetiger colour.

Winner #3

Ken A from Roblin, MB, Canada
Ken chose Danny the Duck in Firetiger colour. He sent this picture from earlier this year at Rocky Lake.

Danny the Duck Winner - Ken Allen - North Bay Outfitters

Thanks Ken!

Winner #4

Charlie L from North Bay, ON, Canada
Charlie chose Danny the Duck in Brown Duckling colour. He also sent along the following pic:

Danny the Duck Winner - Charlie Laporte - North Bay Outfitters

Thanks Charlie!

Winner #5

Joseph T from Skillman, NJ, USA
Joe chose Danny the Duck in Brown Duckling colour. He sent the following pic with an impressive muskie.

Danny the Duck Winner - Joseph Tarditi - North Bay Outfitters

To the winners: we hope the 2 years of R&D that went into Danny pays you great dividends in your future catches! We'd love to hear from you / see your success!

To everyone else, thank you for participating!

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Until next time,
North Bay Outfitters

P.S. If you missed the giveaway and still aren't sure what all the fuss is about: check out our: