Win 1 of 5 Westin Danny the Duck Lures!

We're gonna to keep this short and sweet.

If you've been following Danny the Duck lures, you know you want one. 

If you're just learning about Danny the Duck lures, you know you want one.

If you don't know that you want one yet, you need to read this (or just look at the pretty pictures and ogle –  that's allowed!) Then come back.

Are we all on the same page? Good.

Danny the Duck was purpose-built and perfected over the course of 2 years to deliver the delicacy that nature only served up in the spring; leaving pike, musky and bass craving it the rest of the year.

Collage of Westin Danny the Duck lures 1

Now YOU can offer it to them at your bidding.

You wield a power of a Greek god. And his name is Danny.

The best part? Danny could be yours for free. That's right. FREE.

5 lucky people will win Danny the Duck in the colour of their choosing.
(Available options will be: Brown Duckling, Mandarin Duck, or Firetiger)

Entering is easy-peasy:

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Collage of Westin Danny the Duck lures 2

So what are you waiting for?

Enter to win!

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Oh, and another thing…

Ok, ok, this'll all be over soon but it's worth knowing:

Once you've entered, you get your very own “Lucky URL” (link).

You can share that thing anywhere you like. (Email, forums, Facebook Groups…) Heck, you can get it tattooed to your forehead for all we care. The point is, that link is YOURS (for the duration of this giveaway… might want to consider a temporary tattoo.) Any one that uses YOUR lucky link, your tweet, pin, Facebook or Linked In post to enter will give YOU 3 more entries.

Yeah, we thought that was worth knowing.

Good luck!

And may the most powerful Greek gods and goddesses win!

Come here, little duckling…

P.P.P.S – guess we failed on the short & sweet part…