Westin Danny the Duck – Everything We Know

**Update** Danny the Duck is now available to order!

Westin Danny the Duck is unlike anything we – or our prey – have seen before (except in real life!). The expertise and attention to detail that Westin has become known for by making some of the most realistic baits in the world (like the infamous Mike the Pike, Tommy the Trout, Ricky the Roach & Percy the Perch… to name a few) is being capitalized on here with the introduction of – not a bait that looks like a fish – but one that looks like another irresistible meal…

For Northern Pike, Musky & Bass, by Design

Northern pike, musky and bass – for which this lure was specifically designed – are known to prey on spring-time ducklings. Maybe a little sad, but true. Yet no one has been able to replicate one, in lure form, to this level of detail. No one has been able to offer this tasty looking delicacy to predators outside the early spring season. Now, you will be able to!

A Flock Take Flight

The Westin Danny the Duck lure will be available in four colours; three realistic colours and one, less ‘true to nature' version. Options are: Realistic Yellow Yellow Duckling, Speckled Brown Brown Duckling, Mandarin Duck and Firetiger pattern. (Update: apparently Westin decided to simplify the names somewhat. Personally, I prefer the originals.)

The Devil is in the Details

Perhaps more fitting: the Details are in the Duck! Danny is designed to look like a real duckling diving in the reeds. It will slowly rise to the surface when he's not moving. When he is moving, much like the real thing, he has a slow side-to-side action.

Here are some Danny the Duck specifics:

  • He's made of high quality ABS plastic
  • Danny is completely lead free
  • He measures 14cm (5.5″) long
  • And weighs in at 48g (1.7oz)
  • Danny's hooked up with Japanese-style #2/0 carbon steel hooks
  • And prefers a running depth of 1.5-2m (~5-6.5ft)
  • He's got full wire-through-body construction
  • And comes prepared with an extra set of spare feet!
  • Every Danny the Duck clone features hand painted detail & colours

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Here is a recent video from ICAST 2016 with a Westin representative talking about Danny the Duck. Click below to play.

How to fish with the Danny the Duck Lure

You will want to fish with Danny very shallow and close to the surface. With your rod tip held high, you can make sure he breaks the surface. The goal here is to get a “Westin roll” going that Danny struts so well. The signature movement took a long time to perfect – with two years in development – but is a sight to behold. He can be trolled or cast and will dive up to two meters depending on the situation.

Is Danny a Gimmick or Will He Catch Fish?

The CEO at Fairpoint Outdoors/Westin, Thomas Petersen Eldor, couldn't wait to get Danny out on the water. He's brought a number of others along on multiple test outings… and it looks like Danny the Duck got the attention they were hoping for!

Danny the Duck Catches Fish 1

Danny the Duck Catches Fish 2

Danny the Duck Catches Fish 3

Danny the Duck Catches Fish 4

Danny the Duck Catches Fish 5

Danny the Duck Catches Fish 6

And if you watched the video above, 50 pike were caught on that one prototype alone. Successful trials across Europe and North America have proven this lure accomplishes the task it was skillfully designed to do.

While Danny was designed for Northern Pike, Bass and Muskies, it seems other species have taken a liking to him as well! Here we see some zander and catfish have acquired the taste for Danny too!

Danny the Duck Catching other species

Tomas Gadomski, owner of North Bay Outfitters, has had some hands-on time with Danny and managed to reel in 3 fish in 1/2 an hour.

Tomas Gadomski, owner of North Bay Outfitters with Westin's Danny the Duck - Fish on the Line

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Other Westin Danny the Duck Sightings

Danny has also recently been spotted front-and-center on the August 2016 cover of the Tackle Trade World magazine.

Westin Danny the Duck - Tackle Trade World Cover

And if that isn't enough, Danny managed to impress the crowds at EFTTEX 2016 in Amsterdam (The European Fishing Tackle Trade Association's expo – one of the largest in Europe), so much that he was awarded the “Runner up, Best New Hard Lure Award for 2016-1017”.

Westin Danny the Duck EFTTEX 2016-2017 Award

Our friend Victor over on the Underwater Ireland YouTube channel has taken Danny out to see if he lives up to the hype. Click to play.

When and where can I buy Danny the Duck?

If you're even half as excited as we are for this lure to hit retail, know that the wait is nearly over. We will be opening for pre-orders in the coming days and a more helpful ETA will follow shortly. We are now accepting orders!

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