New Westin Lures: Monster Fly, Flat Matt, Sonic 360 & more!

Spring is in various stages of making an appearance, depending on where you live. Our friends further south may be sharpening lawn mower blades but we still have white stuff on our lawns and lakes.

But that hasn't slowed us down!

We are in the process of bringing you a number of exciting new Westin lures to add to the family and fill out some new categories as well. Without further ado, let's jump in and see what we've got!

Westin Monster Fly

New Westin Lures | Monster Fly

First up is this interesting lure that combines real fox and rabbit fur, a large epoxy head and a striking set of eyes to produce a lure designed specifically for shallow water pike fishing. Monster Fly is unique in having a pikefly appearance with the added ability to cast as far as a conventional lure.

Watch Westin Monster Fly in Action!

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Westin Flat Matt

New Westin Lures | Flat Matt

If you happen (or plan to!) fish for huge cod and halibut, you'll want Flat Matt on  your side! By  now you know that Westin are experts at nailing life-like fishing action. Flat Matt is no exception. He expertly imitates a smaller plaice, flounder or dab in panic mode after realizing there's a far bigger fish looming below.

Meet Flat Matt:

Special thanks to Kinetic Fishing for producing this video!

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Westin Spinners

Westin Sonic 360°

New Westin Lures | Sonic 360

Do your spinners have balls of tungsten? Westin's Sonic 360° spinner uses tungsten balls as part of its advanced design that maximizes casting distance despite its compact size. These balls vibrate within the slipstream of the ABS shell generating a sonic sound that bring out the curiosity in fish.

Combined with a proven blade design that has a full 360° range of motion (hence the name) and rotates instantly for maximum feel and depth control, plus the absolute best in Japanese style hooks and an array of vibrant colour choices… you have yourself a winner spinner.

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Westin Optic 360°

New Westin Lures | Optic 360

What are the two characteristics you want in a spinner? Did you say casting accuracy and distance? Westin's Optic 360° spinner is constructed with an aerodynamically shaped brass body with both accuracy and distance in mind.

Of course good looks don't hurt either. The attractively designed brass blade reflects light from different angles and rotates at the touch of the reel handle. For our first batch, we brought in 5 intriguing colours to choose from.

Check out Westin Optic 360

More New Westin Lures from 2016

We have already brought in a number of new Westin lures this year. In case you missed them, here's a quick run-down to fill you in on what should be filling your tackle box this year:

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At the time this post was written we have 14 Westin products available online. Are there any that you wish we had? As evidenced in this post, we are working closely with Westin to bring in all that we can. Help us choose what to bring in next by dropping us a line with your top picks!