North Bay Outfitters Holiday Giveaway

Contest Ended – Winner Announced!

North Bay Outfitters Holiday Giveaway

2015 went out with a bang and so did our Holiday Giveaway! We received thousands of entries from all over – thanks to everyone that entered and… better luck next time. 🙂

Drumroll… for the Holiday Giveaway Winner:

It turns out all of the luck went to Vincent Beaucage and I believe congratulations are in order! Vincent was busy sharing his Lucky Link up to the 11th hour (so to speak) which resulted in 20 extra entries.

Contest Winner: Vincent Beaucage and Prize

Luck was definitely on his side though; 20 is a good number but the honourable mentions for this contest go out to Josh Oggy and Rob from True North Angler. Both of these guys got in early and were active the whole way through resulting in 64 entries for Josh (except he never did confirm his email upon entering, tsk tsk! – – we kid, there's a chance the confirmation email found its way to his junk folder) and Rob who ended up with 57 entries. About 70% of you were content with your 1 entry.

Enough with the numbers! At the end of the day, it's a random draw and as exemplified this time, the largest number doesn't guarantee a win.

As a recap, here is what Vincent won:

  • Gerber Bear Grylls Survivor Kit
  • Westin Mike the Pike Lure (Chopper Pike, 28cm)
  • Westin JÄTTE 17cm Floating Hard Lure
  • XTOOLS Floating Pliers – Bullnose 9” (ICAST new product showcase winner)
  • Salmo Warrior Jerkbait/Pullbait (Real Perch, sinking, 15cm)
  • Strike Pro Big Bandit Lure (Natural Perch, sinking, 19.5cm)
  • SPRO BBZ-1 Jr. Swimbait (Bill Siemantel Signature Edition)
  • SPRO BBZ-1 Shad Swimbait (Bill Siemantel Signature Edition)
  • Northland Fishing Tackle Live-Forage Casting Spoon
  • Strike Pro Flex Phantom Limited Edition Lure
  • Cat’s Tails Lure by Catfish
  • Rapala Stainless Steel Mini Split Ring Pliers
  • Rapala Proguide Multi Fishing Tool
  • Finn-Tastic Canada Super Bonded Titanium Premium single strand leader 60lb test (28kg) 12” (30cm)
  • Finn-Tastic Canada Super Bonded Titanium Premium 7-strand 100lb. test (45kg) 12” (30cm)
  • Vexilar & Salmo Performance Fishing Lures Jacket
  • Element Protective Hoo-rag – The Better Bandanna
  • Salmo Performance Fishing Lures Baseball Cap
  • Rivers Edge Stainless Steel Fisherman’s Clippers set
  • Rivers Edge Water Bottle
  • North Bay Outfitters Decal

North Bay Outfitters Holiday Prize

Once again, congratulations Vincent!

How to win next time.

While we don't have another contest planned just yet, when we do, the best way to find out about it is through our newsletter. As you saw, getting in early can make a difference and the newsletter is where stuff like this (and Westin stock updates 🙂 ) go out first.

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