Holy Grail of Pike & Muskie Lures: Westin Mike the Pike


Some trends are easier to spot than others. Some just come out of nowhere and punch you in the face. That's (almost) what it felt like this year with Westin's lures. You have no choice but to take notice. Could we have predicted their sudden popularity in North America? Perhaps. After all, they're beloved in Europe for a reason!

It's possible that we have the video below to thank (and previous releases) for getting the word over to this side of the pond; the word being that Westin's Predator line is very aptly named. Focusing in on that product line, we observed that it's the hybrid body lures that really seem to be piquing everyone's interest – with Mike the Pike in highest demand.

 So what's the deal with Mike The Pike anyway?

Westin claims it is one of the most realistic lures ever made. They achieve this true-to-life detail using a 3D scanner to scan a real pike, which ensures even the smallest subtleties are captured and replicated.

But “why a pike?”, you might ask. Not unlike other species that roam our blue planet, pike are cannibalistic by nature. So if pike is what you're fishing for, then why not use a baby pike look-alike to lure 'em in?

Perhaps not surprisingly, this lure works amazingly well for other predators like muskie as well.

Physical Characteristics

Westin's Mike the Pike is a low floating lure featuring a hard head and a soft body. It has a unique slide-lock system so you can swap out the soft body in no time.


There are two eyelets to choose from. Use the front-most eyelet for a shallow running depth (1-2 meters) or the upper one for a more aggressive swimming motion and slightly deeper running depth (2-4 meters, depending on model).


This lure is great for trolling or casting; Mike the Pike's low buoyancy will have him rise slowly to the surface when you pause in the retrieve. Even the swimming motion of a real pike has been replicated with the small pelvic and pectoral fins vibrating in the water.

Westin Mike The Pike - Swimming Action


Here at North Bay Outfitters we are now stocking all three lengths:

170mm weighing in at 42 grams
200mm weighing 67 grams and
280mm weighing in at 185 grams


Mike the Pike is rugged, featuring a full eyelet-to-hook wire construction and as with all Westin's lures, Mike is lead free. He comes stock with one Japanese-style carbon steel treble hook: #2 on the 170mm version, #1 on the 200mm and #2/1 on the 280mm.


Pro Tip:

If the fish you're after are picky, you can rig Mike up with a stinger treble. Just ensure you leave enough slack to not impede the swimming action:


The running depth varies based on model and is typically 1 – 3 meters for the 170mm and 200mm versions, 2 – 4 meters for the 280mm.


Westin offers Mike the Pike in 7 distinctly irresistible colour options with characteristically stand-out names:

Westin-CrazyParrotSpecialCrazy Parrot Special
Westin-MetalPikeMetal Pike
Westin-ChopperPikeChopper Pike
Westin-CrazyFiretigerCrazy Firetiger
Westin-CrazySoldierCrazy Soldier
Westin-CrazyCowardCrazy Coward

Where To Buy

If you're in North America (actually, we'll ship anywhere) head over to our store to check out full images of each colour variant and who knows, maybe a few will find their way into your cart! Oh yeah, and if you could help spread the word, we'll avoid more situations like this:

The challenge for us has been keeping any Westin lures in stock! We've had many sizes and colour variations sell out before we could even get them online. Despite our supply issues (or demand “problems”), Mike the Pike has already become our 2nd most popular lure sold through our site!

Buy Mike the Pike

Other Westin Products

Mike the Pike isn't the only Westin lure we've been stocking. Shortly after we brought him in, Percy the Perch and Ricky the Roach followed. We recently added Platypus from the hard body Predatory line as well. On that note, if there are any other Westin products of interest, we're always looking to get more in. Let us know which ones you would like to see next!

Have you managed to test out Mike the Pike yourself? Which colour / size / conditions have you had the most success with? Sound off in the comments below!